Each Modern Robot show is a movie, and often a different movie than we’ve ever played before. It could be an classic silent movie, a campy horror flick, an old instructional or educational movie — anything that’s interesting to watch.

We perform original music or improvise a soundtrack to the film. Whether the movie is there to accompany us or whether we are there to accompany the movie is a matter of perspective. You’ll hear spacey and minimalist textures, soaring melodies, drum and bass, rock anthems, and flat-out funk.

After the live performance, we take a recording of the show and put it back into the movie that was shown. At this point, we’ll add in pieces of the original sound track of the movie, giving the music a found-sound feel, and often creating themes not present in the live show. Sometimes we can even work some of the original music in with the show.

You can check these movies out here on our website or on youtube and also listen and purchase them as albums from bandcamp.

Modern Robot is a project of Ben Singer, a musician with a wide range of interests. Ben also performs original music as a singer/songwriter, plays keyboard, guitar, bass, and banjo player in various Greensboro bands, and keeps a busy schedule recording and producing music and videos.

Modern Robot performers have included:
 Kyle Poehling, founding member and long-time drummer
 Nic Stott, drums and guitar
 Matty Sheets, drums and narration
 Sam Frazier, guitar
 Chip Newton, guitar
 Pat Lawrence, bass
 Martha Bassett, voice
 Owen Burd, trumpet

Ben’s web site is: www.benesing.com

For booking or if you are just interested in what we are doing, please contact us: